Bus Advertising profession in Vietnam

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Bus advertising is one of the most popular advertisement in our country thanks to visible advertising images and high-quantity customer reach. Advertising on buses is suitable for many kinds of business, such as food service, furniture, fashion, construction.


We are proud of  many achievements, SIXTH SENSE MEDIA always focused and considered advertising services on the bus as one of the important development of the company. Currently, we are exploiting advertising on buses service around all 3 regions North - Central - South. Not only focusing on urban bus services in major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, we also exploit the bus routes or inter-provincial imminent.



Bus is the low-cost means of public transport with the largest number of participants, safe and many people choose this type of transport. Images and advertisements are also quite largely displayed on this giant transport. Buses move on fixed route and do not change despite traffic jams. Thus, customers can be assured that the product’s image and brand will always be promoted throughout the route.


On the bus, there are many ideal locations for image advertisements. SIXTH SENSE MEDIA offers you advertising on buses, advertising on bus handles advertising and banners in the car. Especially, we also provide advertising services in the bus shelters - where thousands of people are exposed every day.


Advertising on bus body

Advertising on bus body



Advertising on bus handles



Banner ads in bus



Advertising on bus shelters


We provide professional and  high - quality services bus advertising  to customers with optimal costs. All the processes will be carried out by our advertising team: from the idea to the design, advertising; construction and installation to the monthly report . You can check, see and assess the ongoing effectiveness of the service.


With the development strategy is based on three factors: human resources, quality reputation and cooperative relations, we determine a long-term business for company. Negligence, irresponsibility is not exist in any of our employees.


SIXTH SENSE MEDIA strive to not only become a media advertising company, but a trustful and firm partner of the customer on the path of conquest success, cross all the limits.


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